Please Wait To Be Seated


There’s a lot going on in Matthew 14 when Jesus feeds the 5,000 plus: Jesus was looking for a place of solitude, most likely to pray and mourn the death of His cousin, but the multitudes followed Him. Jesus responded as He always did: with compassion. His disciples revealed their true colors when they told Jesus there were too many people to feed at dinner time and they wanted to send them away to fend for themselves. Jesus told them to be the solution to the problem; not push it off on someone else or to ignore the God given opportunity to serve the people themselves. Then came their lack of faith: “We only have five loaves and two fish.” Oh how the impossibilities with man become the opportunity for the miraculous with God! So Jesus has them all sit down on the grass, He prayed and then gave the disciples the food to distribute to the crowd. Several hours later, everybody was filled and there was still enough left over for the disciples themselves!


But don’t miss a very small but powerful detail in this story: Jesus commanded the multitudes to sit down. They needed to be quiet to receive what they needed and wanted. They needed to wait for God to work. Had they all continued bustling around, worrying about their seat, their appetites, what the disciples were doing, etc. they never would have been in a position to receive God’s bounty.


So it is with us: remember to sit quietly and wait on the Lord (Ps. 46:10). He knows what you have need of today (Matt. 6:8). He stands ready to give you what you need today. His desire is to draw you closer to Him (Rev. 3:20) and that may include seeing Him work in a mighty way, but you have to be willing to sit down and wait to be served (Mark 10:45).