Believing that Jesus’ last command should be our first concern, we send out missionaries. We support them through “faith promise” giving and by the power of prayer.

These are just some of the missionaries that Clinton Bible Fellowship supports. You can read more about each of their ministries below. (Listed in alphabetical order, by name.) Check back, as we will post updates here as they come in.

Burcur, Mihai and Ana Laura – Word of Life, Romania

Dear friends, would you join us in prayer as we are looking ahead at some amazing opportunities to bring the Gospel message to the youth of Romania! Take a look at some of them!  You are part of it!

Thank you for your prayers – Trip to Moldova

During a period of one week our team in collaboration with the local church and a Mission we served in a Christmas fair opened for all the community.  People came by and where served warm drinks, food, took part in special activities and games for kids. Two of our missionaries had the opportunity to do ongoing open-air evangelism, and the rest of our team helped in serving and with the kid’s activity. Throughout this time, a total of 1622 people came through and all of them heard the message of Salvation.

Training, Teaching, Planning

Winter months are great moments to focus on warm fellowship and learning. These young people gave up their quiet Saturday morning in order to learn and grow in knowledge of how God can use them to reach their generation for Christ. And at the same time be challenged with the Word of God.
These young people are paying a big price for living out their faith and going against what is the normal for a young person today. We pray and continue sharing the Truth of the Word of God, encouraging them and standing alongside them and praying that they can stand firm and be the ones who continue serving the Lord with all their heart.
Training, teaching and for us learning from them a thing or two about technology! Our home became a favorite place for the youth to meet for evaluation and planning of the youth meeting.  Most of them come straight from school or from work, so there is always a solid fellowship before we can start thinking.
As the freezing weather fades, we launched the park evangelism. Every Saturday we meet with a group of youth at the park, approach the young people with a questionnaire which introduces the subject of salvation. Also, we tell them about the youth meeting and invite them to come.


Dani and Larisa- March- BI Argentina Dani and Larisa are working hard and trusting God to provide them with the rest of the necessary amount of money to cover their year at the WOL BI in Argentina. This has been a wonderful journey together with this young couple., which brings us so many memories of our journey as newlyweds, raising support in a foreign country, and so on.
We are witnessing how their step of faith and obedience to God’s call is already touching the lives of so many young people here in Romania. They are breaking a pattern that for so many seems impossible to live by in today’s world. This is a huge answer to prayer, because we are confident that more youth will be encouraged to step out and live God’s call for their lives.
The target is for them to arrive to Argentina by the end of March, which is not that far away. Would you join them in praying that God will provide for them a team of supporters?
They raised half of the total amount needed for the full year study and the plane tickets! It is amazing! Please praying for the remaining 5,000 needed in order to reach the full support.
If God places it on your heart to give and be part of investing in this young couple’s lives,

GIVE to: Romania BI Scholarship Project 05307C

Prayer request- April- Missions Reality

From late April a group of second-years students from WOLBI NY will be with us for 10 days. We are planning to have an English weekend camp (registration is already underway) and many kids are very excited about it already. Also, we will travel to different cities with the occasion to support local churches with evangelism. There are great open doors to do street evangelism in major cities, open air evangelism, youth group meetings and sports marathons.
Please pray for this wonderful opportunity, and for all the details involved, for the souls that will be evangelized and for the youth that will be involved translating.


Coming up in MAY!
Last year we had a total of 300 people come to the property for a Fun Family Day. It was a great activity for families and a wonderful moment for people to bring friends and family whom they want to reach with the Gospel.  It has become a much-awaited event, and we praise God for the possibility to start organizing this event and again see many families come to know the Jesus as their Savior.



We thank God for each one of you, we praise the Lord for you, your friendship and faithful financial support, which is very much appreciated and valued.
From the bottom of our hearts, we pray and desire for you and your families to be blessed.

Mihai, Ana Laura, Sofia and Lucas




Byrd, Gary and Tami – Daystar Baptist Missions, Dominican Republic

April 2024

I hope you all had a great day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.  I know we should celebrate it every day, and we try to do so.  But I really enjoyed our day yesterday with our church family!  Praise the Lord for the privilege to serve Him here in the D.R.  Attached is our update. 

Please keep praying!  God is moving and we are excited about the days ahead.  Thanks for all you do so we can minister here in La Vega.                                                            

                                                                                                                               Livin’ the Dream,

                                                                                                   Gary Byrd

Boguski, Roger and Ann – Olivet Ministries International

Parschauer, Bob and Maryann – Word of Life European Representatives

Pink Peony

He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay,  Matthew 28:6

Dear Friends and supporters,
We want to wish you a blessed Easter season as we celebrate the death and RESURRECTION of Christ!!
Please check out our PICTURE JOURNAL #5 telling about English4Life, the youth groups and the churches where we served in Poland. DON’T MISS the crazy video of our ‘fun’ times outside the classroom!
Stay tuned for news of the upcoming tour with the Good Family from Poland April 14-28th in Florida.
Live in the victory of our Lord Jesus,
Bob and Mary Anne

Please find our latest newsletter attached.

Many blessings!
Our love and prayers,
Bob & Mary Anne Parschauer

                                                                                             News Letter(Click Here)

Pastor Yelisey Pronin – Ukraine
ClintonBibleFellowship helps Ukraine church Article

3 Reasons for Gratitude (Missions update April 10, 2024)

Hi friends,

I really want to share with you the joy of our ministry, and our latest 3 reasons to be grateful.



         Reason #1: I had the opportunity to preach at a conference of 1,000 people. These people, despite the war, want to organize a new church. I am very happy that I can support them and teach them. God works in Ukraine in a special way. And you are part of this ministry. Thanks be to God!





#2: We opened a children’s center. (Picture at right.)  At the first meeting yesterday, we had 40 children and 30 parents. This center will be open every day and provide help and teaching for children! You are also part of this ministry! Thanks to your support, we have renovated rooms and equipped classrooms. Thank God for our partnership!

Finally, and reason #3: We have built 2/3 of our bomb shelter. This space is HUGE. And already now our people, and the refugees who live in our church center, and the children who study in our church center, have a safe place during rocket attacks. Thanks be to God!

I want the joy that I experience to be felt by you too! Thank you for your prayer! Thanks for your support! Pastor Yelisey Pronin



Woodbridge, Russ and Ingrid – Ukraine

Jan. 2024


  • The family came to visit over Christmas! We were fourteen in total and had a great time.
  • They saw the sights in Germany and Europe and we headed north to Sweden with Lukas, Markus, and Priscila.
  • Ingrid visited coworkers and Russell conducted some church planting trainings in France and Germany with a coworker.
  • Ingrid continues to work with a women’s shelter (El Roi) to train counselors and is on a team to establish a counseling center (Zwischenzeit). She is also active with the network for biblical counseling here in Germany.
  • Russell is working with a local church to set up a training program for church planters.
  • Russell was in Connecticut for the funeral of our friend and pastor, Zack Furches. He finished his weight training at home on January 5th and died of a heart attack. He was only fifty years old but he lived his life for Jesus! Russell preached the gospel at the memorial service and six people indicated that they decided to follow Jesus! We will miss Zack but he is with his Redeemer celebrating.
  • Wisdom for planning and preparing for classes in the spring.
  • Pray for our neighbors and their salvation.
  • Pray for Zwischenzeit as they search for a building for the center.
  • Pray for Bekah, Zack’s wife, and Clinton Bible Fellowship as they mourn the loss of Pastor Zack and search for a new pastor.

Thank you for praying.

Russell & Ingrid

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