John 6:1-10 – Have a Seat

John 6 gives us the account of Jesus feeding the multitude of people (5,000 men – v.10, in addition to the women & children) with five loaves of bread and 2 small fish. None of the people there, including the disciples, anticipated what Jesus was going to do that day. There was a large crowd with an even bigger need to go along with their appetites. After all, it was dinner time (Matt. 14:15). To compound the problem, there wasn’t adequate means to even begin to touch the shortage of food (v.7). A large amount of money wouldn’t have sufficed to buy enough food for everyone to have a bite or two. And what food was available wasn’t even a consideration in putting a dent in the people’s hunger (v.8-9).

But then Jesus gave a command (v.10; Matt. 14:19): everybody sit down. Why did He do this? Was it to exploit His authority? Was it because He was frustrated with the crowds/amount of people who were in need of something else? Was it b/c He wanted everybody to be orderly in handing out the rations? No, it was none of that. Jesus was simply preparing to meet their needs. He was about to give the unexpected; provide the much needed; and supply the impossible.

There are times when we all need to simply sit at the feet of Jesus in anticipation and expectation of His provision (Luke 10:38-42; Ps. 62:5). It is then that we will be filled with bread that truly satisfies (v.26-27).