Just As I Was With Moses

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months, etc.) where you just don’t feel right? You can’t quite put your finger on an exact cause, but you just constantly feel burdened, worn down, a little angry, much frustrated? Ever feel as if everything is fighting you? Even inanimate objects, like the clutter in the garage when you’re trying to get to your tool box, but every toy, fishing pole, swimming flotation device and extra pair of work gloves in your county are piled on top of it. Thus creating an avalanche that topples on top of your bare foot when you try to lift the lid open to get the one tool you need, thereby creating a mess to clean up that turns a very simple 5 minute project into a 45 minute one. Or every time you start to see the light of day and have a little wiggle room in your budget something breaks (or gets broken), wears out or needs repairing, or the kids need more shoes, more clothes, more something b/c they’re growing quicker than weeds, but the funds just aren’t there right now, but you realize you can’t drive on 3 wheels and a rim and you can’t have your children put any more cardboard in the bottom of their shoes. Your patience level isn’t what it once was; your outlook isn’t what you want it to be and your walk with God isn’t what it should be. That’s been me lately.

This morning I came in and had a very quick, open and candid prayer time with God. Through tears I prayed this very simple request: “God, I need something from you today. I need it now. I’m tired and frustrated. Show me something Lord.” And I opened one of my devotionals to the days reading where once again I saw the faithfulness of my Jesus. The verse at the top of the page was Joshua 1:5 which reads: “No man shall be able to stand before (against) you all the days of your life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you”.

Now for a deeper study, consider just how God was with Moses! But it’s summed up in that precious promise: “I will never leave you or forsake you”. When the frustrations mount; when the bills need to be paid; when your body AND spirit grow weak, God says, “I’ve got you. I’m right here. I told you I wasn’t going anywhere. I am your sufficiency. I will walk you through the battles. I will hold your hand. I will carry you when necessary. I will hold you as you weep. I will dry your tears. I will overcome your fears. I will remove your frustrations. I will mend, heal and strengthen your heart, mind and body. I will provide all your need in Christ Jesus.”

May you find the restoring and cleansing power of the Lord in His promise to Moses; to Joshua; to you and to me. I have.